MB Marathon training – week 1!

I can’t believe it – I completed my first week of marathon training – only 17 more to go :-0

Week 1 was good, although I didn’t follow the plan exactly. I was tired, exhausted, and decided to skip bootcamp on Thursday and Friday, ran longer Saturday and skipped my 3 miler on Sunday.

I also came to a conclusion, I am going to stop going to bootcamp. The class times make me late to work, and after work is family time for me. I am hoping this decision will make me less tired and can focus more on my running. I will throw in one day of cross – hopefully yoga!

Here is a summary for week 1

And what’s up next!

Weight: 144.8
Not sure I trust my scale anymore, it jumped around all week. I will go to weight watchers on Saturday for my official weigh-in.

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Myrtle Beach Marathon 2013 – here we go!

So this is it! Week 1 of the craziness starts today. I chose to sleep in this morning due to some family medical drama last night, so I will be running this evening.

Starting weight: 148


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Golden Birthday – and a challenge!

So this is a big year for me – turning 30 on July 30th!  Since completing the RWRunstreak on July 4th, I have lost a lot of my running motivation.  In order to get back into the groove, I am creating a challenge for myself:


It is very similar to the RWRunstreak, except its 30 days instead of 38.  I will attempt to run a minimum of 1 mile a day for 30 days.  For my previous challenge, I ran a total of 85 miles in 38 days.  I would like to beat that mileage for my challenge.  

Already off to a good start, day 1 completed yesterday with a 2.29 mile run pushing Lillian with the NoDa Brewing Run Club.

I won’t blog my results every day, I will do a summary, either every 5 or 10 days. 

I hope you all follow along!

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RWRunstreak- COMPLETED and a little late

So I did it! I ran 38 days straight, with a minimum of 1 mile.  On day 36 I said I would continue the streak until Labor Day.  On what would have been day 39, I decided I needed some rest.

So here are the stats of my running for 38 days:

Days complete: 38

Total miles run: 85.09

It was fun and I definitely liked the challenge.  There were a few days I would have totally given up had I not started blogging about it. I am pretty impressed with myself. So much so, that I am working on a new challenge that started yesterday, post to come!



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Home is where your heart is

So glad to be home – I missed this girl


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RWRunStreak Day 10 & 11

Finally caught up, almost.

Day 10 was my fastest pace yet 8:33! It was a shorter run, 1.3 miles, but even still, awesome to hit a pace like that!

Day 11 was my last run in Hickory. I decided to run around downtown again, getting in a very hot and hilly 3.0. I couldn’t wait for this run to be over!

Days complete: 11/38
Miles: 4.3/22.43



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RWRunStreak Day 7, 8, 9

Days 7-9 were a blur. Sunday (7) was such a busy day. I traveled to Hickory for work, arriving around 10 so I did one quick mile on the dreadmill and forgot to take a picture.

Day 8 we got out of work early, so I squeezed in a longer run – 4 hilly miles around Hickory. Beautiful “downtown” area to run around, but man, the street names are confusing!

Day 9 I ran around the hotel. I planned the run using Garmin Connect, hoping for 2.7 miles, but only ended up with 2.03. I don’t understand the difference. Anyone else have this problem?

Days complete: 9/38
Miles: 7.03/18.18



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