MB Marathon training – week 1!

I can’t believe it – I completed my first week of marathon training – only 17 more to go :-0

Week 1 was good, although I didn’t follow the plan exactly. I was tired, exhausted, and decided to skip bootcamp on Thursday and Friday, ran longer Saturday and skipped my 3 miler on Sunday.

I also came to a conclusion, I am going to stop going to bootcamp. The class times make me late to work, and after work is family time for me. I am hoping this decision will make me less tired and can focus more on my running. I will throw in one day of cross – hopefully yoga!

Here is a summary for week 1

And what’s up next!

Weight: 144.8
Not sure I trust my scale anymore, it jumped around all week. I will go to weight watchers on Saturday for my official weigh-in.


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2 Responses to MB Marathon training – week 1!

  1. jamiemcq says:

    Yay! Are you using the Hal Higdon Novice 1?

    I kept up with some lifting as cross training maybe for the first half, but I can totally see boot camp being too much even this early in the training. I don’t know if I did any cardio cross training, other than the occasional swim. Not that I’m any sort of expert, just didn’t have the time & energy. The running definitely becomes so much that you have to prioritize, like you said, so you don’t neglect your family and always show up late to work 😉

    • I am using Novice 1 – I made a few modifications because I want 25 miles to be my longest run, and since my mileage is already up it won’t be a big deal.

      So glad you agree with the cutting out BC, the trainer will most likely be mad at me, but oh well! I am already envisioning my 10 mile Wednesday run and being late to work 😉

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