RWRunStreak Day 3 – I don’t wanna

So I went into this run not wanting to run, but I have committed to 38 days and I am not gonna quit on day 3!

My beer running buddy is in Germany getting her real beer run on, so I went solo to the NoDa Brewing Run Club meet up. I am always super nervous when I don’t know anyone but knew it wouldn’t kill me.

Tonight we had planned to do a 1.5 mile blast thru NoDa as a group to draw attention to our club.

I started off the run right behind the leaders who took off with what seemed like a 7/8 minute pace. I also had three other women who started right behind me.

I ended up finishing fifth, the first woman and passed four silly men who started out way too fast!

Great run, hoping to hit it up again next week!

Days complete: 3/38
Miles: 1.6/7.86




About thegassfamilystation

Mom/Wife, CPA, runner, photo booth extraordinaire
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