RWRunStreak – day 1. Am I crazy?

Well I am finally getting back into this whole blogging thing, and no better time than now! I have decided to take I the challenge put on by Runner’s World: run at least one mile a day from Memorial Day to July 4th.

Day 1: Kristin and I have known each other for years, but this was only the second time we have run together.
We decided to tackle a “hill” for training. And the hill I am talking about is David Taylor – a 1.5 mile steady incline (I’ll add the elevation gain once I sink my Garmin).

I had never run the entire distance because I usually tackle DT at the end of a 6-10 mile run, and on dead legs, it’s not happening for me.

I am proud to say that Kristin and I ran down the hill at and right back up without any walking breaks! And at a decent pace!

Thanks Kristin for the run!

Days complete: 1/38
Miles: 3.1/3.1



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